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Practical 1

Install and understand Docker container, Node.js, Java and Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum and perform necessary software installation on local machine/create instance on Cloud to run.

Practical 2

Create and deploy a block chain network using Hyperledger Fabric SDK for Java.

Practical 3

Interact with a block chain network. Execute transactions and requests against a block chain network by creating an app to test the network and its rules.

Practical 4

Deploy an asset-transfer app using block chain. Learn app development within a Hyperledger Fabric network.

Practical 5

Car auction network: A Hello World example with Hyperledger Fabric Node SDK and IBM Block chain Starter Plan. Use Hyperledger Fabric to invoke chaincode while storing results and data in the starter plan.

Practical 6

Develop a voting application using Hyperledger and Ethereum. Build a decentralized app that combines Ethereum's Web3 and Solidity smart contracts with Hyperledger hosting Fabric and Chaincode EVM.

Practical 7

Create a block chain app for loyalty points with Hyperledger Fabric Ethereum Virtual Machine. Deploy Fabric locally with EVM and create a proxy for interacting with a smart contract through a Node.js web app

Practical 8

Use block chain to track fitness club rewards Build a web app that uses Hyperledger Fabric to track and trace member rewards